School Activities

The children in our classrooms are learning through a variety of activities which include gross motor skills, fine motor skills, art, literature and language, dramatic play, cooking, music, sand and water activities, block play, circle time, art and science. The following information will give you a better understanding of what our day at the preschool can encompass.

Art: helps children creatively express their thoughts and feelings and reinforces fine-motor skills.  Some activities include painting, coloring and drawing.  Focus of art at this age should be open ended promoting individual creativity.

Dramatic Play:  provides children with an opportunity to express themselves, improve social skills, and problem solve.  Children should be given the opportunity to relate to what they know to what they have learned and dramatic play is critical in involving that role.  Children will act out stories with flannel boards, puppets, as well as dress up and act out roles they have learned about from their experiences and community helper visits.

Music, Movement, and Theatrical Play:  Music promotes listening skills and creative expression; with music children can explore sound, volume, tempo, rhythm and rhyme.  Music allows for opportunities to remember things that might be difficult, like learning the Days of the Week and Months of the Year to a familiar tune.  Children are also given the opportunity to work with instruments to be creative with their own musical intelligence.  An increased self-confidence, improved communication skills and stronger self expression can be gained through dance and theatrical play along with many other valuable skills and assets.  Our music teacher visits each classroom weekly; teaching songs, dancing and playing instruments allows the children to explore their creative side with performances and theatrical concepts.

Science:  Preschoolers like to sort, dig, cut, roll, dump, pour, stir, shake, pile, scoop, build and basically see how they can cause change in their world.  This helps preschoolers learn how the world works.  Preschool science activities should inspire children to "do something" with their hands allowing opportunities for observation, exploration, investigation, making predictions, and experimentation.

Kitchen Sciences:  Incorporated in our normal classroom activities, the children explore nutrition, math and science through culinary arts.  Cooking and baking allows the children to learn math and science skills through measuring, mixing and baking as well as experiencing different textures and using their 5 senses while exploring different foods.

Gross Motor:  In addition to gross motor activities in the classroom, our great room space and outdoor play area allow for many opportunities for children to develop muscle coordination and balance.  Gross motor movements that allow running, jumping, catching, throwing and anything that allows large motor movements.  Good gross motor skills are essential, because the body develops from large movements such as control of the arms and legs, to small, isolated movements that include hands and fingers.  The students will receive a weekly lesson with our Gross Motor Specialist strictly concentrating on developing those important muscles.

Fine Motor:  improves small-muscle development and eye-hand coordination.  Each day our class focuses on improving these skills by utilizing many items such as play dough, puzzles, painting, crayons and scissors.

Sand and Water Activites:  allows children to experiment with textures and properties of different substances.   Also promotes math, science and language skills.

Block Play:  through playing with blocks, children develop their muscles and their minds building on their own creativity.

Computer Room/Library:  each child in the 3, 4 and 5 year old program will receive a school library card allowing him/her the opportunity to borrow books from our library.  Our computer specialist teaches the basics of computer skills while enhancing our program curriculum during their weekly visit.  The students are guided while working on their own computer providing individual attention to learn at their own pace.  Our computer instruction also includes individualized attention with our brand new iPads!

Ice Skating:  every child in the 3, 4 and 5 year old program will receive a brand new pair of ice skates included free with their tuition.  From October through May those students will receive an ice skating lesson weekly by the USFS Certified Skating Instructors.  The students will also participate in two Ice Shows to show off their new skills.

The students who skate will also receive an opportunity to purchase a years membership in Learn to Skate USA's Basic Skills Program.  Your child's membership will include a colorful booklet to keep track of his/her progress with stickers, badges for each skill level mastered, written evaluations and curriculum that will encourage strong basic skating skills for future hockey players, figure skaters and recreational skaters.

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