The Rinx



3 Year Old Program

Half Day Monday/Wednesday/Friday (9:15-11:45) or (12:00-2:30)

Full Day Monday/Wednesday/Friday (9:30-2:30)

Full Day Tuesday/Thursday (9:30-2:30)


Our 3 year old program begins a whole new journey for your toddler as your child begins to create a new "school" family.  Our teachers build self esteem, social development and confidence while introducing basic concepts.  The children are encouraged to expand social skills, listen, attend and develop appropriate ways to express their emotions.  Our day consists of large group time and small group time, story time, free play, song, dance, cooking and arts & crafts.  Curriculum concepts include colors, shapes, name recognition, as well as number and letter introduction.  Our great room and playground invite opportunities for gross motor development as well as socialization.  Story time provides opportunities to learn pre-reading concepts and story structure.  We foster a child's sense of self through all activities including parallel and associative play.  Our goal is to create a sense of enjoyment and security in your child's first school experience.

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