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Looking to Enrolling in Swimming Lessons?


Figure out your swim level TODAY!

Enrollment in now available online for our Swim Lessons at Hidden Pond Park Pool.  Unsure of what level to enroll in?  Click the Levels below to see a description of each level's passing requirements.  Enroll in the level you feel is the best fit for your child, and their Lifeguard will test them the first day of their lessons to make sure they are in the best class for them.

If you would rather speak to a Lifeguard in person before enrolling, come visit us at our In-Person Swim Lesson Sign Up date, June 13th, 2020.  Sign up times are listed below.  If you have miss the In-Person Sign Up, you can come down and speak to a Lifeguard any day once our pool opens on June 27th, 2020.


American Red Cross Swim Program

All lessons at Hidden Pond Park Pool follow the American Red Cross Swim Program. For a full description of the Level Requirements, please click on the Level you are interested in below.
Below are the different Red Cross Levels and suggested starting ages:

Preschool Aquatics
*Call for more information*
Ages 3 & 4 Years
Level 1 Introduction to Water Skills Ages 5 & 6 Years
Level 2 Fundamental Aquatic Skills Ages 5 - 12 Years
Level 3 Stroke Development Ages 6 - 12 Years
Level 4 Stroke Improvement Ages 7 - 15 Years
Level 5 Stroke Refinement Ages 8 - 15 Years
Level 6 Fitness Swimmer Ages 9 - 15 Years

Guard Start – Ages 11-15 years



Mail Membership Application and Payment to:

Hidden Pond Day Camp
660 Terry Road
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Check or Money Order accepted for mail-in Registration.  Mail-in Credit Card Payments must be done over the phone once the Membership Application is received.

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