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What Do Kids Get Out of Camp?

The American Camp Association wanted to identify what exactly kids get out of camp.  So, between 2001 and 2004, the A.C.A. conducted research with over 5000 families from 80 ACA-Accredited camps to determine the outcomes of the camp experience as expressed by parents and children.  Parents, camp staff, and children reported significant growth in:

Self-esteem Peer Relationships
Independence Adventure and Exploration
Leadership Environmental Awareness
Friendship Skills Values and Decision Making

Social Comfort


With just a quick look at the above list one can see the benefits and opportunities that attending camp will afford children of all ages.  As parents, you should feel confident that the experience you are providing for your children is preparing them for the future and is giving them a leg-up in their childhood development, a more positive school experience and growth as young adults.  In addition, research has shown that camp is a deeply enriching out-of-school-time experience that gives kids the opportunity to practice social and emotional learning skills.

Break out the baseball glove, take your shorts out of storage, and get your child ready to have “A Summer to Remember” at Hidden Pond Day Camp.

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