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Training Session

Depending on the playing season, every athlete completes between 12 - 24 training sessions averaging one time per week in-season and three times per week out of season. Over the course of the program, the training consists of the following key elements:

Acceleration Training-Running Athletes

With 20-25 training sessions spread out over 6-8 weeks, athletes improve linear or sprinting speed, and explosive power for a quicker first step or vertical elevation and active recovery to sustain performance at game speed.  The patented Generation IV Treadmill, Plyo Floor, Plyo Press, Pro Multi-Hip and patented conditioning cords are just some of the items that will allow the athlete to unlevel the playing field.

Hockey Acceleration

The patented hockey treadmill allows players to lace-up their skates in a controlled coaching/conditioning environment proven to increase stride frequency, stride length, stride power, and balance.  Our Plyo Floor allows hockey player's to develop their first step quickness while improving their balance/stability.  The Athletic Republic Plyo Press and Pro Multi-Hip gives hockey player's the ability to enhance their hip girdle strength and develop their lower body power.  At Athletic Republic, we have an entire training program designed to light the lamp.


Athletic Republic will take an athlete just beyond what they can normally do safely, using patented and proprietary equipment.  We hold six patents and have developed over 2,000 proprietary training protocols that cater specifically to each sport and every athlete.


Athletic Republic Trainers are well-educated, certified, and passionate about helping athletes.  They care about you as an athlete, no matter what your goals or sport.  They are constantly retraining themselves to higher standards, and they work hard to create a positive, fun environment, in which you can feel comfortable, even confident, about pushing yourself to improve.



Matt Moulson

New York Islanders (NHL)

"The Hockey Treadmill was a lot harder than I expected, but my skating definitely improved.  All the guys who used it really benefited.  After every program was completed, there was improvement out on the ice."
"Acceleration Training gave me a great edge.  It moved everything forward: my athleticism, competition and football skills.  It was the answer I was looking for.  My goal was to play in the NFL, and the Acceleration Training program helped me reach it."

Shaun Alexander

Seattle Seahawks (NFL)



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