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DELIVERING EVERY ADVANTAGE AT THE POINT OF PERFORMANCE. We are dedicated to partnering with the best companies, products and brands to help athletes accomplish their goals and aspirations. Our mission is to deliver the most advanced training to every athlete who walks through our doors.
The Gatorade / Athletic Republic Alliance provides athletes training in the centers with access the Gatorade G Series Pro products and a comprehensive sports nutrition learning plan. Athletic Republic trainers and other expert staff are available to counsel athletes on proper sports nutrition, before, during and after exercise. Additionally, Athletic Republic and Gatorade are working to build customized digital initiatives, including web-based sports nutrition advice from scientists at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute and Athletic Republic’s resident exercise scientists, customized content using Gatorade’s vast athlete roster and unique social media initiatives. The two companies are also working to build awareness among this premier athlete segment and emphasize the role of consistent and proper sports nutrition in increased performance.
The Gatorade Company, a division of PepsiCo (NYSE: PEP), provides sports performance innovations designed to meet the needs of athletes at all competitive levels and across a broad range of sports. Gatorade Thirst Quencher® is backed by more than 40 years of research and is scientifically formulated and athletically proven to quench thirst, replace fluids and electrolytes, and provide carbohydrate energy to enhance athletic performance. The company's product portfolio is built around the G Series™, a 1-2-3 approach to athlete nutrition and hydration before (Gatorade Prime 01™), during (Gatorade® Perform 02 and G2® Perform 02), and after (Gatorade Recover 03™) training or competition. For more information, please visit
G Series Pro was developed by Gatorade scientists and is grounded in years of hydration and sports nutrition research with some of the world’s best athletes. Originally developed for college and professional athletes, Gatorade launched the G Series Pro product line in 2010. G Series Pro targets the nearly 16 million professional and elite amateur athletes, looking for the advanced fuel they need to perform.
G Series Pro is for the most nutritionally sophisticated and competitive athletes and is only available in specialty stores and now at Athletic Republic. The G Series Pro products are designed to meet the nutrition needs of competitive athletes at the most critical times for their performance – before (01), during (02) and after (03) a workout, practice or competition. The line is safe for all levels of competition including scholastic, collegiate, and professional athletes who purchase their own products. For more information about G Series Pro, please visit


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