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Mission Statement and Highlights



 Provide a structured and progressive training approach, and to enhance the continuous development of our athlete’s performance on and off the playing surface.

Program Highlights

 We believe in a simple yet comprehensive approach to athletic development. Our athletic performance programs are designed to educate and enhance athletic proficiency in the athlete’s chosen sport(s).
 Our programs combine: Nutrition, Progression, Strength, Power, and Agility to ensure a successful athletic career.
 Helping our athlete’s succeed on and off the playing surface is our passion. Through our personalized performance programs we give our athletes the motivation and drive to succeed.

The Athletic Republic Way

The Basics

 In every aspect of life we must learn the basics first. Whether it be in school, a job, or a sport. Everyone must learn the fundamental skills in order to begin building a foundation and advancing forward on their chosen path. At Athletic Republic The Rinx we focus mainly on the basics in order to build effective training programs. The basics are Attitude, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery. The proper attitude and mental approach to training is the first step to success in achieving your goals. Proper nutrition lays the groundwork for any training or lifestyle goal. Whether it be to increase lean body mass, weight loss, or just an overall sense of well being. Movement refers to training the basic movements we perform in everyday life and on the playing surface. Recovery is perhaps the second most important fundamental skill besides nutrition, it will ensure long lasting athletic performance. Without proper recovery practices our body will lose the capacity to adapt, and heal itself caused by the demands placed upon it. At Athletic Republic The Rinx we combine all of these basic factors into our performance programs in order to provide our athlete’s with the best performance results.

Personalized Approach

 Every athlete that comes to us receives their own personalized training program based on his/her individual needs. All athletes receive a comprehensive evaluation consisting of the Functional Movement Screen™, endurance and power tests. Testing provides us with the necessary tools to eliminate any weak links that could prohibit athletic performance. Nutritional guidance on proper eating habits and the establishment of personalized meal plans further support training and body composition goals. This personal approach allows us to design the most effective training program to meet the needs of every individual.


 Not only do we take the time to ensure that our athletes are receiving the best possible nutritional and training practices, we also take the time to educate the athlete in all aspects of their training program. This approach will provide the athlete with the necessary tools to continue and grow throughout their athletic career.



Athletic Republic @ The Rinx

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