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What is Dartfish?

Dartfish Software is the ultimate video analysis software used by thousands of professionals and broadcasters worldwide. Athletic Republic performance trainers use Dartfish to view and analyze athlete video clips, allowing them to compare and analyze biomechanics & functional movements and trajectories, calculate speeds and demonstrate key techniques and positions. Athletic Republic uses the same Dartfish technology that was used in Vancouver to cover the action of the Olympic Games.

We can use Dartfish to analyze any movement from running to batting, pitching to tackling, and serving to shooting. Dartfish allows us to evaluate all types of movements for all sports.
"Dartfish allows me to not only show an athlete what he/she is lacking but how to correct their technique with visual cues. The visual evidence that athletes receive using DVA significantly increases their ability to make identified changes." Keinan Briggs (Level III Performance Trainer)


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