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APEX Summer Training Program

What is The APEX Summer Training Program?

The APEX Summer Training Program is a 12-week intensive off-season program designed to help the athlete reach peak physical conditioning before the start of their respective season. Throughout the past couple of years the APEX Summer Training Program has prepared numerous Professional, Collegiate, and High School athletes for the upcoming season.

What does the program include?

Each athlete that participates in the program receives a comprehensive physical assessment, which includes movement screening, strength testing, and goal setting. Once the assessment is complete we will tailor a specific workout to each individual athlete to help him or her dominate on and off the playing surface.
Every athlete is also given their own binder that includes every workout done that summer, nutritional guidance, motivational stories, and recovery methods.

Who is the program for?

The APEX Summer Training Program is for all serious athletes 14 years and older who are serious about wanting to get better on and off ice.
To find out more information, and to learn how the APEX Summer Training Program can HELP you, please contact:

Frank Gilroy MS, CSCS
631-232-3222 x236

Rick Seward

Athletic Republic @ The Rinx

660 Terry Rd. Hauppauge, NY 11788

631 – 232 – 3222 Ext. 236

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