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Specialty Classes

The Rinx Specialty Classes are the next step for aspiring figure skaters.  They were developed to accelerate the developing figure skater's progress through a combination of group and private instruction and introduce the figure skater to beginning level competition.  The Compete USA Competitions offer an encouraging and positive competition experience.  Skaters enter categories based on their skill level and are placed in small groups by age and level.  Everyone is a Winner,earning a medal or trophy for 1st through 4th place at most USFS Basic Skills Competitions.

At The Rinx, we emphasize TEAM with our competitive skaters.  Our Specialty Classes helps our skaters feel like part of the team, develops camaraderie, lifelong friendships and the positive aspects of friendly competition.

Skaters are recommended to our Specialty Classes by our qualified group and private instructors.  If you are interested in this unique opportunity, please speak with our Skating Director.





Specialty multi-level clinics for male figure skaters!
New schedule begins September 10th, 2016


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