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The Rinx receives The Inspirational Community Leaders Award

The Rinx receives The Inspirational Community Leaders Award: from The Smithtown Children's Foundation.

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April 04, 2020

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(10:00 AM - 02:00 PM) Time:10:00 AM - 02:00 PM
Location: Hidden Pond Day Camp at The Rinx, Hauppauge, NY -NY

Join us for a tour and make this one "A Summer to Remember!


C.I.T. Program


The C.I.T. Program at Hidden Pond Day Camp has been one of our more popular programs and has always been in great demand.  It is usually filled before the summer season is over.  It is our belief that the best counselors are "Home Grown."  Campers that desire to continue being a part of Hidden Pond Day Camp, that meet the proper criteria, and have successfully gone through our C.I.T. Program and hiring process, can do so as counselors (Employment is not guaranteed).  Providing these campers with a Counselor in Training program will assist them in making the difficult transition from "Camper" to "Counselor."

There are two distinct programs during the summer, 9th grade C.I.T. and 10th grade C.I.T.  The 10th grade C.I.T. is afforded the opportunity to get valuable experience dealing with younger children, but also have the time to socialize and interact with their peers.  They will meet with the camp director or another member of our leadership team for in-service counselor "Training Sessions."  They will be assigned certain tasks during the week and discussion reflecting on their experiences.

The 9th grade C.I.T. program is slightly different.  Their program will resemble more of a traditional camp experience, but will include "Training Sessions" and some time spent with groups as C.I.T.'s.  They will go on the same trips with the 10th grade.

Program Highlights

9th Grade C.I.T.'s
Will include "Traditional Camp Experience" two days per week
C.I.T. experience with younger groups two days per/week
One Trip Day Per/Week
Counselor Training Sessions

10th Grade C.I.T.'s
C.I.T. experience with younger groups
Lunch with their assigned group
One Trip Day Per/Week
Scheduled Activity or Training as a C.I.T. group


Pride in Athletics for Life
Stony Brook Seawolves
Suffolk County HS Hockey League

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